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Teacher Impact Awards 2024 recognize winners from 3 continents

June 27th, 2024, India – Teaching excellence defined the 4th edition of the annual online Teacher Impact Awards 2024 on Saturday, June 22, where educators from around the world came together to celebrate the noble profession. The event was hosted by Surasaa, the world’s first career growth platform for teachers, and saw participation from three continents while commemorating the commitment of teachers and their invaluable impact on students and the community.

Mr. Joshua Obazeiki, an esteemed educator from Nigeria was crowned the winner at the Teacher Impact Awards 2024 and was subsequently awarded a cash prize of INR 3 lakhs. Two runner-up positions were awarded to Salma Rashid from Saudi Arabia and Orcilla Giliomee from South Africa, who received cash prizes of INR 2 lakhs and INR 1 lakh respectively. Furthermore, the remaining 7 out of the top 10 impact creators were awarded INR 50,000 each.

Celebrating the success of teachers, Mr. Rishabh Khanna, Founder & CEO of Suraasa, shared, “Every teacher is already a winner. At Suraasa, we are honoured and grateful to be able to facilitate the respect and recognition that they deserve. It brings me immense happiness to see the growing number of participants each year at Teacher Impact Awards. Congratulations to everyone who participated — You are the teaching superstars.”

Mr. Joshua Obazeiki, the winner of the 2024 edition of the Teacher Impact Awards, also shared his joy as he quipped, “This is more than I expected. This is amazing. I am so happy that people are inspired by my story. Thank you Suraasa for giving teachers this platform.“

The participating teachers sent their submissions from across the world through video stories, highlighting their moments of growth and impact. They were evaluated on five key criteria — their areas of impact on their respective communities, their teaching skills with a focus on quality of supporting evidence, their professional and personal growth and vision for the future. The evaluation was conducted by an esteemed panel of judges, comprising school leaders and educationists from the USA, UAE and India.

The initiative is a part of Suraasa’s long-term commitment to continuing its efforts in highlighting and celebrating teachers and their outstanding work. The focus of the event was to strengthen the perception towards teaching as a profession by conveying its social, emotional, professional and financial rewards.

About Surasaa

Suraasa is one of the prime edskilling platforms for teachers in the country. Founded by Mr. Rishabh Khanna in 2017, Suraasa has impacted more than 400,000 teachers across 90+ nationalities and has also partnered with thousands of schools from India, Dubai & the USA. Today, the 100+ team member company has spread its wings beyond India to the United Arab Emirates and is also benefitting teachers in the United Kingdom, and the United States Of America.

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