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ToneOp Creates History:1960 Participants Set World Record with 108 Surya Namaskar On International Yoga Day

Bhopal: ToneOp set a unique record on the auspicious occasion of International Yoga Day. In the ToneOp Yogashala program organised on June 21, 1960 people registered their names in the India Book of Records by doing 108 Surya Namaskars simultaneously at a single venue. This historic event was organised in Bhopal.

ToneOp: The Leading Platform For Health And Fitness

ToneOp is a leading health and fitness platform that inspires people to live healthy and balanced lives. Through its expert coaches and health experts, ToneOp has brought positive changes in the lives of many people. The main objective of ToneOp Yogshala was to increase awareness of Yoga and collectively encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Presence Of Prominent Personalities

Kunal Bansal, Director of Bansal Group and Parth Bansal, CEO, of ToneOp, were present at the event. Dr. Prateek Joshi from the India Book of Records recognised this historic achievement and presented ToneOp with a certificate and memento for creating the world record for the India Book of Records. Ashish Mahendru, Marketing Head, Bansal News, was also present at the event.

Confluence Of Enthusiasm And Discipline

All the participants at ToneOp Yogshala set a wonderful example of discipline and dedication. ToneOp’s team of yoga coaches explained the importance of Surya Namaskar and led the participants in performing the practice correctly. Clear instructions and efficient organisation provided the participants with a safe and comfortable experience.


Guidance From Senior Yoga Professionals

Senior yoga professionals played an important role in the program. Inderjit Singh, who set a record by doing 1010 Surya Namaskars in 2022, also attended the event and inspired the participants with his experiences. Mrs. Jyoti Keswani, Head of the Department of Yoga and vice principal of Barkatullah University, was also present at the event, which further enhanced the dignity of the program.

Collective Effort And Dedication To Health

The event showcased the power of collective effort and dedication to health. The enthusiasm and collegiality of the participants proved that when people come together, they can face any challenge. The program not only raised awareness about yoga but also encouraged a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Record Made Even In Adverse Circumstances

Many obstacles had to be faced to make this event a success, the most prominent of which was overnight rain. Despite heavy rain, the participants participated in the program with enthusiasm. This shows his perseverance and their devotion to yoga. Clear instructions were given to all those attending the event to ensure their safety and convenience.

Expectations For The Future

Appreciating the efforts of ToneOp, all the attendees described it as a memorable experience. This historic event once again highlighted the importance and power of Yoga across the country. Looking forward to more such events in the future, ToneOp has set a new benchmark that will serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come.

With this unique achievement, ToneOp proves that yoga is not just a physical practice but is also a path of mental and spiritual development. This program not only created a record but also filled new zeal and enthusiasm for yoga in the hearts of thousands of people.

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