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The Top 10 Tarot Card Readers Of 2024

In 2024, the ancient practice of tarot reading continues to captivate and guide individuals seeking clarity and insight. Whether you’re a seasoned tarot enthusiast or a curious newcomer, finding a skilled and intuitive reader is essential for a meaningful experience. This article highlights the top 10 tarot card readers of 2024, renowned for their expertise, unique styles, and impressive accuracy. These practitioners stand out in a crowded field, offering profound wisdom and guidance through their interpretations. Join us as we explore the best tarot card readers who are making a significant impact this year.


Minaakshi Rathour:


Discover the transformative power of Tarot with Minaakshi Rathour, an intuitive Tarot card

reader with over a decade of experience. Specializing in love, career, and personal growth readings, Minaakshi combines traditional symbolism with her own insights to provide accurate guidance. From in-person sessions to workshops and classes, she offers various services tailored to meet your needs. With glowing testimonials attesting to her accuracy and compassion, Minaakshi is also the author of “Flying Solo: Embracing Self-love.” With a rich background in HR and as a former Mrs. India finalist, she brings a unique perspective to her practice. Schedule a session today for clarity and empowerment.


Aditi Handa:


Aditi handa a well established and renowned Tarot Reader and healer ,  had an intense connection with the spiritual world . Her abilities allow her to pick up information and feelings from people as well as vibrations and messages from spirits and souls. Using her special gift She shows light to the people who are seeking clearity. whether it be answers regarding your present, past, or future. It’s been her experience that many have the knowledge they seek deep within them, and simply need the right spiritual guidance to find the answers they have buried inside. Aditi has helped Thousands of people worldwide through her psychic and intuitive abilities . She is guiding people through her Intuitive Tarot readings , Vastu, consultation and spell casting / healing / akashic records / numerology/ lama fera etc !


Harshita Vyas:


Harshita Vyas, a physicist turned spiritual guide, embarked on a journey blending science with mysticism in Udaipur. Despite societal norms, she delved into astrology, tarot, and healing. The pandemic gifted her time to deepen her knowledge, leading her to launch an Instagram and YouTube platform. With 57k followers, she offers counseling, tarot readings, and manifestation coaching, debunking myths with her scientific background. Juggling roles as a businesswoman and homemaker, she empowers others globally, embodying resilience and independence. Her story inspires fearless pursuit of passion, guiding others towards purpose and fulfillment. For consultation follow her on Instagram @Tarotwithharshita333


Deepali Dubey:

Deepali Dubey, hailing from a lineage of bureaucrats, transitioned from corporate management to astrology following a transformative encounter with her spiritual guru. Now, Noida’s celebrity astrologer, she serves as the Spiritual Advisor to Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and various politicians and VVIPs worldwide. With over two decades of expertise, she specializes in numerology, gemology, and occult sciences, earning trust from celebrities and politicians alike. Deepali’s journey reflects a commitment to humanity, guiding seekers towards self-discovery and fulfillment. Recognized among India’s top 10 astrologers in 2024, she brings celestial wisdom to aid seekers on their paths.


Dr Monica Agarwal:


Dr. Monica Agarwal , MBA Hr & Honorary Doctorate holder in Spiritual Teachings has 19 plus years experience as on today (2024) and been tagged as celebrity tarot reader, international numerologist, coffee cup reader and renowned reiki grandmaster. She is also well versed in many spiritual sciences like angel therpay, angel reading, tea leaf reading, coffee reading, Vedic numerology, western numerology, tarot reading, oracle reading, runes and much more. She is Founder of Divine Centre – PTS ( Path towards Spirituality & International Institute of Spiritual Trainings. She is reachable via her Instagram verified handle  – tarot_reader_monica


Monica Asrani:


Monica Asrani has had spiritual leanings since childhood. After a personal loss, she found a strong calling as a Tarot Card Reader and coach. Embracing this role, she offers guidance , support  and remedies to those seeking deeper insights into their paths, serving several National and International clients. Monica strongly believes in the power of the inner self to overcome challenges and helps her clients harness that strength. Her deep intuition and empathetic communication skills have helped carved her very own niche. Additionally, she is a businessperson, writer, and author.


Shrutika Bhargava:


Shrutika Bhargava is a professional certified tarot reader, numerologist, and face and palm reader. With a passion for occult science spanning over five years, she is dedicated to helping and healing people. Shrutika has assisted clients globally, including celebrities, providing insightful guidance through her expertise. In addition to her work in the occult, she is also a software engineer working in the corporate sector. Her unique combination of technical skills and spiritual insight allows her to offer a holistic approach to her clients’ needs.


Swapnil Mathane:


Astro Swapnil Mathane, a male professional with an MBA in Marketing, holds diplomas in Tarot, Numerology, Agriculture, and Horticulture. A certified Vedic astrologer, spellcaster, and Rudraksha consultant, he brings 3+ years in banking, 2+ in FMCG, and 5+ in agriculture and astrology. Currently, he serves on India’s leading astrology platform, independently assisting 13k+ clients in the past year. Swapnil specializes in spellcasting, Tarot, Numerology, and Vedic Astrology, focusing on wealth, abundance, relationship harmony, and negativity removal. He offers love, career, protection, blessing, and finance spells, adhering to astrology ethics to bring stability to people’s lives.


Pranshi Jindal:


Meet Pranshi Jindal, a 23-year-old professional and certified tarot reader, astrologer, and numerologist. You can easily connect with her on Instagram at @tarotbypj. Hailing from the city of Taj, Pranshi embarked on her spiritual journey in 2020, and since then, she has provided accurate readings to over 2k clients. With an impressive track record of 98% accurate predictions, her Instagram is adorned with glowing reviews from satisfied clients, motivating her to continue delivering insightful readings to many more seekers.


Mansi Singh Pawar:


Mansi Singh Pawar’s journey from adversity to success exemplifies resilience and determination. As an astrologer, healer, and neurologist, she has transformed her struggles into a mission to aid others, impacting over 5,000 clients worldwide. Mansi’s unique skills have provided guidance, healing, and solutions to complex cases. Her dedication and belief in the human spirit have empowered many to reclaim their lives and find peace. Mansi’s story inspires others to pursue their dreams and highlights the potential for growth even in the darkest times. Her legacy showcases the transformative power of compassion and hard work.

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