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India’s First Job Pass: Unlimited Access to Top Courses for BTech, MBA, Pharmacy & Biotech Grads

Nerd Indians have been a revolution in Education Industry, they have launched India’s First ‘Job Pass’ under Unlimited Learning Program.  Job Pass gives access to all the Top courses for 1 year and these courses are taught live online by Specialists and mangers from Top Companies.  Job Pass also gives Recent Graduates access to 100% job support, Overseas MS/PhD admission guidance and required training to crack a Scholarship to study abroad. 

We asked the team why it is important to provide access to all the courses to the students instead of offering just one course. Mr. Dinesh a Sr. Manger at Nerd Indians told us, ‘The students should have the freedom to explore their strengths and choose their career. Students often choose their area of interest based on advice from seniors, friends, or marketing promotions. However, many students may not excel in programming, statistics, or report writing skills. Enrolling in such courses and later realizing it was a poor decision can lead to financial loss and dent their confidence. Job Pass gives them access to all the top courses taught live online by senior professionals and managers from top companies. This helps them explore various courses, understand their areas of interest, and build their CV. We believe this is the best option for students in India, empowering them with knowledge and top job opportunities.

More than 1.5 million engineering students, 10 million BCom, BSc, and BA students, and 350,000 pharmacists graduate every year, and they have only one year to find a job before the next batch of graduates enters the market and competes. Due to this short timeframe, students tend to focus on learning only the skills that are currently in demand. However, this can divert them from their true ambitions. To address this, we offer access to various courses, including music, from the first year of their degree. This will help them acquire skills early on and discover their strengths. As a result, we will foster the growth of young innovators, scientists, and musicians.

Job Pass for BTech, BCom, BBA, and MBA students offers access to all top premium courses through an affordable annual subscription. These courses include Data Science, Data Engineering, Business Analytics (Power BI, R & Tableau), Web Development, Base SAS Programming, Advanced SAS Programming, Clinical SAS Programming, Advanced Excel, as well as current and future courses.

Similarly, Job Pass for BPharma, MPharma, PharmD, Biotech, and Biosciences students provides access to all top premium courses through an affordable subscription. These courses encompass Artificial Intelligence for Medicine, Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Writing, Medical Coding, Clinical Data Analysis, Base SAS Programming, Advanced SAS Programming, Clinical SAS Programming, Business Analytics, and current and future courses.

Additionally, Job Pass offers 100% job assistance and expert advice on overseas MS/PhD education, including strategies to secure full scholarships.

The Student Pass is exclusively for students enrolled in colleges or universities and provides similar benefits to the Job Pass. However, the Student Pass also aims to offer courses on Music and Arts. New courses in Arts and Music will be introduced by July 2024, allowing students to explore and pursue their ambitions.

Mr. Dinesh described the Job Pass and the Reasons to Enrol, stating, “We consider ourselves an Unlimited Learning Hub for every enthusiast and we invite students to enrol and discover their ambitions.”

Visit: https://nerdindians.com/job-pass/ 

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