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The Podar Education Network expands its educational reach to the heartlands of India.

With new feathers in its cap, Podar Education Network showcases its commitment to providing quality education to every student across the country by adding five more top-notch schools to India’s educational landscape.  

Podar Education Network, which has steadfastly evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of its students, has exemplified this dictum in letter and spirit. From the pre-independence era to the present age, its trajectory has always been shaped by honesty, integrity, and service – its three guiding principles. Podar Education Network attributes its “enduring commitment” to the First President of the Podar Group of Schools – Hon. Mahatma Gandhi, which it believes, has transformed Podar International Schools into “bastions of excellence.” 

Educational beacons

Alongside educational excellence, every Podar International School prioritizes the overall development of children, encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual, technological, and social growth. 

Podar International School recognizes technology’s transformative power and encourages students to get comfortable with various technology tools from a young age. All classrooms are equipped with Projectors and a state-of-the-art Innovation Lab has been recently introduced in the Schools. This space enables hands-on experience with robotics, 3D printing, and other innovations from across the World fostering student exploration and innovation. 

Innovation Labs were created as dedicated spaces designed for children to apply STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics concepts with an integrated curriculum.  The Innovation Lab is an avenue to reach students who want to express themselves creatively.

Given our mission, we make every effort to “Make our students future-ready” says Mr. Vishal Shah, Senior General Manager – Marketing for Podar Education Network. We wanted to develop a curriculum and infrastructure that would encourage STEM learning for the entire grade, instead of a select few students who normally attend the after-school STEM clubs/activities. This way, we ensure every student in our classrooms is given equal opportunity to harness their thinking skills, logical reasoning, and creativity. 


Podar Innovation Centre was also created with the ideology that quality education is the right of every child. As the Podar fraternity spread across geographical boundaries, it became indispensable to ensure that the quality of education is maintained and enhanced further. Thus in the year 2008, the Podar Innovation Center (PIC) came into being with five veterans – not only skilled academicians but also exceptionally creative, energetic, and zealous people who wanted to bring about a change that mattered.

As it looks towards the future, the Podar Education Network remains steadfast in its mission to provide quality education that empowers students to face the challenges of the ever-evolving world.

About Podar Education Network

Podar Education network was established in 1927 by Sheth Anandilal Podar has from the very beginning, been focus-driven and motivated by the traditional Indian values of honesty, integrity, and service. The father of the nation, Hon. Mahatma Gandhi, being the very first President of the Anandilal Podar Trust stands testimony to this commitment. 

With over 96 years of experience in the education space, the Podar group is now a network of 144 Podar International Schools, completely managed by Podar Education Network, and 100+ Podar Partner schools, with a combined student strength of more than 2,30,000 and the support of 8000 dedicated and loyal staff members.

The Podar network of schools also offers a wide choice of educational streams that are in step with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), the Secondary School Certificate (SSC), the Cambridge (IGCSE) and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

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