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Abhishek Basu: Renowned Music Director and Filmmaker on His Journey, Inspirations, and Challenges in Creating the Acclaimed Short Film

Abhishek Basu  is popular as a music director and world percussionist by profession. Rated amongst the top ranked new age percussionists & indian classical tabla players of this generation,he is a bbc award winner, Kalakar Awardee, Bharat Dignitee Awardee, Dadasaheb Phalke film festival awardee. His performances has laud the audience throughout the globe for above 20years  , winning awards & Accolades  too . 


He was lucky to work with Avantgrade & Futureworks Post Production House . 


He has worked with avantgarde film  for few of their jingle adds music direction like – SAIF ALI KHAN starer image eyewear, ALIA BHATT starer idee eyewear, VIDYA BALAN starer raanka jewellery add, SAJID NADIADWALA’s nadiadwala & grandsons new logo music, METRO SHOES add,and many more.


As a film maker he is working for past 5 years, making music videos, short films and ott projects. His past short film Eternal Canvas featuring Papia Adhikary and Devlina Kumar has won many international awards and is currently with an Ott Platform.


1.  How did you get involved in the film?


It’s a long story to share, to be precise, about 3years ago I was thinking about a concept on women empowerment, when suddenly while watching the film Mausam directed by Gulzar ji, the concept came in my mind.


2.  What inspired you to make the film? 


These days with the fast and perverse life led by many teenagers, we always look down upon the women who earn their living by prostitution. But I have a huge respect for them, because it’s their job, and they compelled to do so for their living. I wanted to show my respect towards them through this film.


3.  How did the story come about?


When I shared my concept with celebrated poet Alo Basu, she became interested to write a story on this concept, and finally came up with a very intense and powerful storyline on women empowerment. It was very inspiring for me, how writer Alo Basu has portrayed the women of red light area, as  Ma Durga, through the character “RAJANI”


4.  The music for the film is also far from a conventional  score. What can you tell us about your decision to sway from the norm?


It was not too difficult for me to score the music, cause I had Avik Ganguly as my co-music director to do the background score. Always as a film maker I wanted not to overdo my musical veretality and that was possible with the help of Avik, as he always blends western classical with Indian classical music in an impressive way. I never use to compose predictable music, and in this film it was easy with an unpredictable storyline.


5.  Short films have become popular these days . This film was shot in a reasonably short budget. What is your say to it .


It’s true that short films are popular these days, but at the same time it’s hard to sale short films with proper budgets in ott platforms ,specially in bengal. Unfortunate but harsh reality is what I had to face from many financers and negative people whom I used to know as friends.I had face many obstacles from an owner of an ott company. After that I met my producer Rimmi Mukherjee who finally got convinced with the story and though the budget was low, my production unit , actors Kamalika Banerjee, Deepak Halder and Debopriyo Mukherjee  immensely supported me. 


The shoot was challenging for all of us, and I must thank my editor Sourish Dey and Cinematographer Rana Pratap Karforma for helping me with their dedication.



6.  How long did it take to research and make the film?


It took me three  and half years to research and complete this film.


7.  What were the key challenges in making Rajanigandha ? 


For me there were several challenges like selecting the old location house which has to look like red light area, creating such light and shots with the help of Cinematographer. Also one of the biggest challenges for me is to shoot with as many as 15 young actresses in such a low budget, in a short span of time.


8.  Film festivals do make an impact .  Your film was a nominee this year at the Cannes World Film Festival.  Share your experiences.  


When I do any creative project I try to make it sure that it gets global recognition, but RAJANIGANDHA was really tough, and I personally never thought my team will pull off such a difficult script with such finesse and being the only Indian NOMINEE at CANNES WORLS FILM FESTIVAL, was so precious to me. Infact till now it has won 12 awards from USA, TURKEY,  PARIS ,and also will be showcased at North American Bengali Conference at Cicago this July.


9.  You have a new and young producer . Is it difficult to make films with new talents or experiences that matter a lot . 


Sometimes it’s difficult to make films with young talents. But I am lucky to get Rimmi as a producer, because unlike many new financers she knows about films, because she used to act in films previously, and also has done projects as executive producer before. She never interfered in our technical  works at all, having faith in the ability of my production unit.



10.  What is the future of this film ?


You cannot do a creative work thinking about the future. As a film maker ,I tried to tell a sensitive story to the audience. Right now it feels happy with positive results coming from International film Festivals.

I can only tell you right now, that to see this film after release in ott , the audience has to wait till August 2024, with few more important festival results to come. Till then we need the blessings and support of our beloved audience.

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