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Centre launches myCGHS app to expand access to records and services for central govt health scheme 

In an innovative push towards digitising health services, the Indian government has launched the myCGHS app, designed to streamline and enhance the accessibility of health services for beneficiaries of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS). 

This mobile application marks a significant step in utilising technology to improve healthcare delivery and patient management for millions of users, including senior citizens under the senior citizen health insurance coverage.

Understanding the MyCGHS App

The myCGHS app is a digital initiative by the government to bring CGHS services to the fingertips of its beneficiaries. It serves as a one-stop platform where users can access various health services, including viewing their health records, booking appointments, and checking the status of their medical claims. The app aims to simplify processes and make health management more user-friendly for all beneficiaries of the central government health scheme.

Benefits of the MyCGHS App

The introduction of the myCGHS app brings several advantages to CGHS beneficiaries:

    Easy Access to Medical Records: Users can easily view and manage their medical records through the app. This ensures that beneficiaries have quick access to their health history, making medical consultations more efficient and reducing the need for physical paperwork.

    Appointment Scheduling: The app allows beneficiaries to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments with CGHS-empanelled doctors and wellness centres directly from their mobile devices. This saves time and reduces the inconvenience of in-person visits for appointment handling.

    Real-time Status Updates: Beneficiaries can check the real-time status of their medical claims and reimbursements, which enhances transparency and helps in better financial planning for medical expenses.

    Medicine and Test Availability: The app provides information on the availability of medicines and diagnostic tests across different CGHS pharmacies and labs. This feature significantly aids in planning visits and treatments, ensuring beneficiaries do not face unexpected shortages.

  Teleconsultation Services: With the ongoing emphasis on minimising physical contact, the myCGHS app includes features for teleconsultation, allowing beneficiaries to consult with healthcare providers virtually.

Who Should Download the MyCGHS App?

The myCGHS app is designed for a diverse group of users within the CGHS ecosystem:

    Current CGHS Beneficiaries: Anyone who is currently part of the CGHS should download the app to manage their health services more effectively.

    Senior Citizens: Given that senior citizens often require frequent medical attention, the app is particularly beneficial for them as it reduces the need to travel for every minor health service need.

    Family Members of CGHS Beneficiaries: Family members who manage healthcare for senior citizens or other dependents can use the app to streamline health service management.

  Healthcare Providers within CGHS: Doctors and other medical staff affiliated with CGHS can also benefit from the app for better patient management and appointment scheduling.

Significance of the MyCGHS App

The launch of the myCGHS app is significant for several reasons:

    Promotes Digital Health Ecosystem: The app is a key component in the government’s efforts to promote a digital health ecosystem, aligning with global trends towards digital healthcare solutions.

    Increases Healthcare Accessibility: By making healthcare services accessible via a mobile app, the government ensures that healthcare is more inclusive, especially for senior citizens and those living in remote areas.

    Improves Efficiency of CGHS Services: The digitalization of services through the myCGHS app enhances the overall efficiency of the CGHS by reducing administrative burdens and streamlining patient care.

  Supports Preventive Healthcare: Easy access to health records and services helps in better management of chronic diseases and supports preventive healthcare measures among the CGHS populace.

How does the myCGHS app help senior citizen health insurance?

Here are some pointers to know how myCGHS app helps senior citizen health insurance.

  1. Easy Access to Healthcare Services:

    Senior citizens registered under CGHS can use the myCGHS app to easily access a range of healthcare services including doctor appointments, hospital admissions, and health check-ups. This is especially beneficial as it reduces the need for physical travel and waiting in lines, which can be challenging for older adults.

  1. Digital Access to Medical Records:

    The app allows senior citizens to view and manage their medical records digitally. This ensures that they have easy access to their health history, prescriptions, and test results, which is crucial for ongoing health management. It simplifies the process of sharing these records with healthcare providers.

  1. Medicine and Reimbursement Management:

    Through the myCGHS app, senior citizens can manage their prescriptions and submit claims for reimbursements. The app streamlines these processes by providing a digital platform to order refills of chronic medications and file for medical reimbursements, which are frequent necessities for many seniors.

  1. Online Appointment Booking:

    The app facilitates online appointment booking with empanelled healthcare providers. This feature is particularly advantageous for senior citizens, allowing them to schedule visits at their convenience, thus avoiding long waiting periods and making the process more comfortable and accessible.

  1. Teleconsultation Services:

    Teleconsultation services available through the app provide a significant benefit to senior citizens, who may find frequent hospital visits physically taxing. This feature allows them to consult with doctors over video calls, ensuring they receive timely medical advice without leaving their homes.

  1. Emergency Services Information:

    Explanation: The myCGHS app includes information on emergency services and directs users to the nearest healthcare facility. For senior citizens, quick access to such information can be life-saving in emergencies.

  1. Health Tips and Awareness:

    Explanation: The app also offers health tips and information relevant to the elderly, helping them manage their health better. This includes information on diet, exercise, and managing chronic conditions, which are crucial for maintaining health in older age.


The introduction of the myCGHS app by the Centre is a transformative step towards enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare services offered under the Central Government Health Scheme.

This initiative not only aligns with the digital India vision but also significantly boosts the management of health services, particularly benefiting senior citizens under senior citizen health insurance. As more users adopt this digital tool, the potential for improved patient outcomes and streamlined healthcare processes becomes increasingly evident, setting a new standard for health management within government schemes.

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