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Zikr Productions talks about Corporate Gulami in their next shorty Radhika- Boss Bless You! Work.Exchange collaborates.

This Labor Day, Zikr Productions triggered the social media with its latest film ‘Radhika- Boss Bless You!’ for work.exchange(an international chain of co-working spaces). What is the limit of Corporate Gulami?

Whatever be the designation, we all know that we are gulams in the corporate world. But where do the boundaries lie? How much is ok to take? When must we muster the courage to stand up for what’s wrong?

In their latest digital film ‘Radhika’ for work.exchange, Zikr Productions depicts in a funny way how ‘Mutual Respect is important for a Healthy Work Environment’. The point is, ‘Will this irk the bosses and trigger them to hold their horses when they cross the line?’

Shoneeka told us, “I shared our film with a head of a mid-size social media Marketing Company, and she said, ‘Baba m not sharing it with my employees, I make them work on Sundays too.’ Point is she had a realisation that she was crossing the boundary. And this really is our intent to slowly bring to focus these toxic behaviours which are taking the joy out of our lives. We don’t know how much change will it bring, but maybe it will trigger a thought.”

Rupali at Work.Exchange says, “We want to make ‘mutual working’ comfortable for our clients. When Zikr Productions approached us with this film, we lapped it up. It’s a great message which makes people reflect on their boundaries when it comes to working in collaboration. We recently launched a bigger working space in Dwarka, might do a series on the same concept. ‘Mutual Respect’ is something we feel for too.”

Watch Radhika here https://youtu.be/evs7mUxC_NI?si=ZKZTFluzr7MzJP-d 

Written-directed by Shoneeka
Produced by Zikr Productions
Cinematographer- Ankit Masih
Edit- Ishan Saran Agarwal
Creative Producer – Purnika Sharma
Music (Bossji)-Akshay
Music (Overall) & Mixing – Aabhinav Meher and Team
Cast- Manya Narula
Arbàz Mirza
Sangita Singh
Aneesha Vij
Purnika Sharma

The little song in the end of this short film is going viral. It re-iterates the negativity that follows when bosses cross their boundaries.

Zikr Productions continues to entertain people and create #filmsforchange. Watch their women’s day thought provoking music video here… 






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