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Dr.M.Stephen Stanley Jayapaul

Dr.Stephen Stanley Jayapaul  was born on 3rd June 1981 in a small village  in Andhra Pradesh. Formerly Known as Jayapal Maleraju (Dr.M.R.Jaypal).His early years were filled with his Parents M. Saramma and M.Yesuatnam encouragement and stimulating environment at local government schools. He went on to pursue higher education in chemistry and obtained a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry in 2005. Driven by a passion for knowledge, he went on to pursue a doctoral career in synthetic organic electrochemistry and obtained a Ph.D. in 2010. His hard work and academic training gave him the skills and knowledge he needed to succeed in the field of science. His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a world-renowned scientist and educator speaks volumes about his dedication, curiosity and academic excellence.


Dr.Stephen.S.Jayapaul’s professional background encompasses a wide range of academic, research and scientific editing experiences. He started his career as Assistant Professor of Chemistry ,where he not only taught students but also conducted pioneering research. Post-doctoral fellowships were also held in Argentina and China where he immersed himself in innovative research and global collaboration. As a Research Scientist at Argentine National University, he contributed to the development of synthetic organics and material chemistry. Currently, he serves as Talented Young Scientist (TYS) at Yancheng institute of Technology in China and Visiting Professor in Academic Institutes in India. where he continues to advance scientific knowledge through innovative research activities. His editorial roles for prestigious journals demonstrate his dedication to academic excellence and the promotion of scientific dissemination. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding contributions to scientific research. He has been named as one of Asia’s Top 50 Scientists and one of India’s Top 100 Researchers


In addition to his many awards, DrStephen S.Jayapaul has been recognized with the Eisenstein outstanding scientist award, the Isaac Newton outstanding scientist award, and the Seven Continent best scientist award. Personal Transformation Dr.Jayapaul converted to Orthodox Christianity and changed his name to Dr. Stephen Stanley Jayapaul. This spiritual conversion reflects his deeply held values and beliefs and adds another dimension to who he is as a scientist and educator. Conclusion Dr.Stephen.S.Jayapaul’s life and work are a testament to education, persistence, and a commitment to excellence. He is a world-renowned scientist and educator who has inspired others with his pioneering research, academic achievements, and tireless dedication to scientific progress. His remarkable accomplishments and personal transformation will continue to inspire future generations to pursue knowledge and innovate.



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