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Mahindra Powerall launches state of the art CPCB 4 generators

Pune- The Ministry of Environment has recently announced an important decision in resepect of use of generators. As per this decision use of generators which comply with the CPCB-4 norms has been made mandatory. Keeping this in mind Mahindra Powerall has launched CPCB -4 generators. 

Manufacuring of these generators has already commenced at the Khed Shivapur plant of world renowned company Shyam Global Techno Ventures Pvt Ltd. In addition to manufacturing these generators, Shyam Global is also engaged as the principal distributor of the generators for the states of Maharashtra and Goa. 

A meet of dealers from Maharashtra and Goa was organised to mark the sixth anniversary of Shyam Global. Business Head of Mahindra Powerall Mr Sanjay Jain was present for the meet as the chief guest. 

Other dignitaries present included Directors of Shyam Global  Narendra Goyal and   Ruchi Goyal, Quaiser Khalid ( Additional Director General of Police, Maharashtra), Vijay Bhandari (CMD of B J Bhandari Papers Pvt Ltd), P Palaniappan (Whole time director, Mahindra Waste  to Energy Solutions), Director of Tria Housing  Shyam Goyal and Amit Kothari (CMD Associated Dairyfab Pvt Ltd). Mahindra Powerall, Add Sumit Gupta Retail sales head,  Mahesh &  Prakash for sales department were present. dealers from Maharashtra and Goa attended the meet in large number. 

Announcing the launch of the generators Mr Sanjay Jain said that the Central Government has mandated use of CPCB-4 generators in future. Mahindra Powerall has launched these CPCB-4 compliant generarors keeping in mind this mandate. Manufacuring of these generators has already commenced at the Khed Shivapur plant of Shyam Global. 


These generators consume much lesser fuel to produce good quality power. These generatrors will bring major savings in fuel and thereby contribute significantly to the country’s development.  

Director of Shyam Global  Narendra Goyal said the company Shyam Global Techno Ventures Pvt Ltd. was started in 2018. “Today is the sixth anniversary of the company. In these six years we have made strong strides on the path of progress on the strength of our efforts and modern technology. The plant has the capacity to manufacture 6500 generators annually and the generators will be sold both in the different states of India as well as in export markets. We are committed to increase the company’s turnover to Rs 300 in the next three years.”

Director of Shyam Global  Ruchi Goyal said the company has recorded very good success in the last six years. We have now entered high tech manufacturing. The state of the art generators of Mahindra Powerall have proved useful for real estate sector, educational institutions, manufacturing sector, textiles sector, SMEs and Information Technology companies.

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