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Over Unity Wireless Device Being Developed in India

INFRGY LLC introduces its prototype device which transmits and harvests energy, while converting radio frequency (RF) signals to DC electricity. The circuit adds energy harvested from the environment to that supplied to the transmitter, resulting in output that is greater than input. This over-unity has been tested and documented by the University of Kashmir’s Institute of Technology. The resulting output may be used in a combination of wired and wireless devices. 

Though the INFRGY smart circuit is relatively small, the prototype performs multiple functions at the same time, and can be thought of as several devices in one. Currently the National Institute of Technology Srinagar is testing the technology that converts RF signals to DC, with plans to further study the amplification of output by harnessing environmental energy. More research is slated to begin at other high technology institutions in India. 



The device captures energy from radio frequency signals emitted by a transmitter, along with electromagnetic signals harvested from the environment, and converts the captured RF energy into usable DC power. By using a patent pending combination of diodes, capacitors and a rectifying bridge, the INFRGY device is able to efficiently transfer energy.


Co-founder Parvez Rishi thinks the future is bright for INFRGY.  Because there are no moving parts, and component parts are relatively inexpensive, the technology can be accessible to many.  “We feel that with the help of our partners, we can accelerate the path to creating a whole new industry”. He continues: “We would like to thank the Institute of Technology at the University of Kashmir for working with us to test our prototype, and professors at the NIT Srinagar for their interest in further development”.



The high demand for fossil fuels has pushed researchers and innovators to search for renewable energy technologies to mitigate the effects of air pollution and greenhouse gases on the planet. Parvez Rishi adds: “Our goal is to introduce INFRGY technology, which incorporates both renewable and wireless energy, to the world. The potential is limitless”.

Website: https://infrgy.tech/ 

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