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Celebrate the Power of #YoungSochMoms with Santoor’s Innovative AI Experience

In a world where a mother’s wisdom often goes uncelebrated, Santoor invites you to honour your mom’s progressive thinking with our latest campaign, #YoungSochMoms AI Experience. This innovative initiative allows you to create personalized AI-generated images featuring your mother, along with an inspiring quote that embodies her forward-thinking mindset.

S Prasanna Rai, Chief Marketing Officer & Head – Ecommerce Business, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, expressed the campaign’s vision: “Mothers are the silent architects of a child’s future. Whether her mantra was “Beauty is skin deep” or another nugget of wisdom, through this campaign, we are imagining a mom’s Young Soch with a beautifully designed image. This AI experience transforms her insights into a visual celebration of her everlasting youth”.

What Inspired #YoungSochMoms?

The idea behind #YoungSochMoms is to uncover and celebrate those impactful moments of maternal guidance that have left a permanent mark on individuals’ lives. Aparna Tadikonda, EVP – South, Interactive Avenues, elaborates: “The campaign aims to spotlight those invaluable pieces of advice from mothers that resonate with ‘Young Soch.’ It’s about acknowledging and cherishing the wisdom that propels us towards a brighter future.”

Presenting the #YoungSochMoms AI Experience

The AI-powered experience is simple yet profound. Participants engage in an Instagram chatroom through a unique link, where they enter their name and select a quote embodying their mother’s progressive thinking. They then choose a background that resonates with the sentiment of the quote. Within minutes, the AI conjures a personalized image encapsulating the essence of ‘Young Soch,’ ready to be shared across social media.

Reflecting on the campaign, Aparna highlights the impact of maternal wisdom: “It’s not always spoken about, but something as simple as a mother’s encouragement can set the stage for life’s greatest adventures. ‘Young Soch’ is about embracing unconventional paths and being true to oneself.”

How to Participate

  • Visit our Instagram chatroom through the provided link.
  • Enter your name and select an inspiring quote that encapsulates your mother’s ‘Young Soch’
  • Choose a background that reflects her vibrant spirit and outlook on life
  • Sit back and let our AI technology work its magic
  • Share your personalized image on Instagram stories and spread the message of #YoungSochMoms

Join us in celebrating the profound influence of ‘Young Soch’ moms—because every piece of advice, every moment of encouragement, is a testament to their enduring legacy.

For more information and to create your personalized AI image, visit [https://ig.me/m/santoorstayyoung] and share your story of ‘Young Soch’ with the world.

Discover the wisdom. Embrace the inspiration. Share the legacy. #YoungSochMoms with Santoor.

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