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Cadabams Hospitals Breaks Ground with “Anunitha”: India’s First Large-Scale, Dedicated De-addiction Center for Women

Cadabams Hospitals, India’s largest mental healthcare facility, today announced the launch of “Anunitha Deaddiction Centre for Women,” a specialized de-addiction center dedicated to supporting women struggling with substance abuse. This launch marks a significant step forward in addressing a previously neglected crisis: addiction among women in India.

The National Survey on Substance Use in India reveals a shocking statistic – 57.4 lakh women are estimated to be battling substance abuse. Peer pressure, lack of awareness about setting boundaries and societal expectations is pushing young women towards addiction, often shrouded in silence leaving them hesitant to seek help due to the stigma associated with addiction.  Furthermore, the limited availability of women-specific treatment options has created a significant barrier to recovery.

“Peer pressure is creating havoc among our youth, who often lack the tools to set healthy boundaries. Compounding this is the stigma surrounding addiction, especially for women seeking help. This discourages them from coming forward, hindering their path to recovery”, said Neha Cadabam, Psychologist and Executive Director at Cadabams Hospitals.

Anunitha Deaddiction Centre for Women aims to rewrite the narrative surrounding addiction recovery for women. This center provides a safe, supportive and empathetic environment where women can heal without judgment. It acknowledges addiction as a health issue, not a moral failing.

“We are committed to putting our resources towards creating a safe space for women to heal. Anunitha Deaddiction Centre for Women challenges the existing narrative of addiction rehabilitation. Our supportive, empathetic environment fosters a sense of trust and empowers women to overcome addiction”, said Sandesh Cadabam, Managing Director at Cadabams Hospitals.


Key Features of Anunitha Deaddiction Centre for Women:

Anunitha Deaddiction Centre for Women moves beyond traditional punitive models of rehabilitation.  The center offers a comprehensive treatment program built on empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of the complexities of addiction in women.  This includes:

Specialized Therapies: The centre offers a variety of evidence-based therapies, including trauma-informed care and gender-sensitive approaches. The dedicated team of professionals provides compassionate care, empowering you to achieve lasting recovery in a safe and supportive environment.

Focus on Women:  Experts at Anunitha Deaddiction Centre for Women understand that women’s addiction experiences can differ from men’s due to biological and social factors. Anunitha caters to these specific needs with tailored programs and support groups led by female therapists.

Therapeutic Approach:  Utilization of unique therapeutic approach that incorporates mindfulness techniques and holistic treatments alongside traditional methods to address the multifaceted aspects of addiction.

Supportive Environment: Anunitha offers a safe and supportive environment specifically designed for women’s needs. This includes female staff members, gender-specific facilities, and a strong focus on building a sense of community among recovering women.

Aftercare Programs: A robust aftercare program helps women transition back to society and maintain their recovery through ongoing support and guidance.

Nutritional and Fitness Programs: Personalized nutritional plans address any deficiencies and promote overall well-being, nourishing your body for optimal healing.

The launch of Anunitha Deaddiction Centre for Women is a clarion call to recognize the critical need for increased awareness about addiction issues among women in India. Cadabams Hospitals urges society to join hands in creating a supportive environment where women can openly seek help and heal from addiction.

Cadabams Hospitals is committed to playing a leading role in dismantling the stigma surrounding addiction and promoting accessible, compassionate care for all.


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