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“SACH INDUSTRIES” Launches Another Brand “Dr. Cleanee”

SACH INDUSTRIES was founded by Santosh Singh and Chandan Singh in the year 2017.They have their own renowned brands, like Dr.Cleanee ,Mr.Best and Mr.Special . All of them are very successful brands. They have registered trademark of SACH INDUSTRIES. They are manufacturers of all cleaning products like Handwash ,Dish wash, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner and Liquid Air freshener. They have expertise in all cleaning and hygiene products. D-5 which is Liquid Air freshener is the most selling  product. The usp of this product is that it lasts upto 8 hours. Their history proves that they are a very profitable and trusted brand. They have a laboratory that undertakes precise testing of all the products. SACH INDUSTRIES products are very recognized brands all around the world. SACH INDUSTRIES is registered under the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).. Their license number is MH33A0022067. SACH INDUSTRIES is not only manufacturing but also marketing and stockiest. They are an ISO and GMP certified company. They have a variety of products like housekeeping liquid, tools and machinery, laundry chemicals, kitchen non-food, and catering products. They also have toiletries and amenities. They have their own manufacturing plant in Mumbai. 

Dr. Cleanee, Safai Ka Doctor

Dr. Cleanee has all the hygiene and cleaning products. This products are designed for use on a wide range of surfaces and materials, including countertops, floors, appliances, furniture, and fabrics. This versatility allows for comprehensive cleaning and sanitation throughout the home or workplace. They claim that their products are very useful. They help you by providing protection against germs. They are specifically used to remove dirt, stains, grease from various surfaces. It prevents the spread of infectious diseases by killing germs and bacteria. After using Dr Cleanee it spreads very good fragrance .Dr. Cleanee is certified by professionals and experts. It is used by  consumers everywhere. Professionals preferred their products. Dr. Cleanee products are best in quality, they are used in Hospitals , 5 Star Hotels, Pharma Industries, Institutions and many more places. Their trademark number is 2199283.


 Santosh Singh and Chandan Singh

Born on January 1, 1990, and January 2, 1990, respectively. Both of them serve in the sales and operations teams of Dr. Cleanee. Santosh and Chandan both have worked for pharma industry for more than 5 years. After than they joined Dr.Cleanee . Dr. Cleanee is a brand of SACH INDUSTRIES . Both of them reside in Maharashtra. Both of them have studied in same school Oxford High School, Mumbai. They have completed their graduation from Bombay University. Santosh has done BSC, while Chandan has done BCOM. Both of them have a diploma from Pune University in electronics and telecommunications. 

Address and Contact Details

H-14 Unit No. 06, Vrindavan Complex, opposite Satyam Petrol Pump (HP Petrol), Mumbai-Nashik Highway, Sonale, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, 421302, India. Their email address is info@sachinindustries.com .They also have their own website, which is www.sachinindustries.com.

Santosh Singh: 9820081849

Chandan Singh : 9930103092

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