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Top 10 Personalities for the Year 2024 – Organized by Kiteskraft Productions LLP

Kiteskraft Productions LLP congratulates everyone and wishes them well in their future endeavours!

Kiteskraft Productions LLP proudly acknowledges Individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise in the field of education, fostering outcome-based learning that positively impacts on everyone’s lives.

Top 10 Personalities for the Year 2024 :-


Adv. Dr. Sudhindra Bhat ( SS LAW ) – SS Law, under the stewardship of Adv. Dr. Sudhindra Bhat, redefines legal services with a unique blend of passion, humility, and steadfast principles. Driven by a “winner’s mentality,” Adv. Dr. Bhat infuses SS Law with ambition, knowledge, and compassion, positioning it as the archetype of a new-age law firm for India. Specializing in Civil, Criminal, IPR, and more, SS Law excels with a client-centric approach and unparalleled expertise. Recognized for Pro Bono work and commitment to community welfare, his leadership propels SS Law to greater heights. As a beacon of innovation, SS Law pioneers the future of legal practice, inspiring confidence and setting new standards in the industry.


Ms. Elvina Raylon Pinto – In today’s bustling corporate arena, distinction isn’t just a goal—it’s a necessity. Enter Ustride Corporate Training and Image Consultancy, helmed by Elvina Raylon Pinto, a visionary in the realm of transformation. Ustride isn’t just about milestones; it’s a journey of personal and professional growth, nurturing individuals to thrive holistically. With over 16 years of experience, her resilience and dedication shine through, fueled by a passion to empower. Ustride’s approach transcends norms, emphasizing sustainability and holistic well-being. Recognized for innovation, Elvina’s accolades underscore her impact, reinforcing Ustride’s commitment to illuminate paths to success. So, let Ustride be your guiding light, igniting aspirations and transforming dreams into reality.

Mr. Amarendra Kumar Mishra – Mr. Amarendra Kumar Mishra’s educational leadership spans three decades, marked by a deep commitment to student growth and institutional excellence. With roles as Principal, Vice Principal, Boarding House Master and Head of Department in CBSE, CISCE, IGCSE and IB Day, Day cum Boarding and Boarding schools Mishra’s strategic vision and hands-on approach drive transformative change. Armed with a Master’s in Geography and extensive teaching experience, including international exposure, Mishra fosters a global perspective in education. At KC Public School, Jammu, his leadership secured top rankings, emphasizing innovative teaching and active learner engagement. Recognized as “Outstanding Leadership Principal of the Year 2024” Mishra’s legacy inspires continuous growth and innovation in educational practices, shaping the future of learning.

Mr. Vikar Mustafa Shonthu – Mr. Vikar Mustafa Shonthu completed his schooling at Tyndale Biscoe School in Kashmir in 1976, showcasing prowess in sports like hockey, cricket, and volleyball. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Regional Engineering College (Kashmir) in 1984, he embarked on a distinguished career with J&K Project Construction Corporation Ltd. Rising through the ranks from Deputy Manager to Managing Director in 2018, he oversaw pivotal projects in Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh. Recognized by Chief Ministers and Governors for his contributions, he also worked with Obayashi Corporation, notably on the Nizam u din bridge in New Delhi and the Dubai Metro. Retiring in 2021, his legacy in construction endures.

Ms. Debjani Ghosh – Ms. Debjani Ghosh, an esteemed advocate and partner at M/s. Victor Moses & Co. Solicitors & Advocates in Kolkata, boasts a rich portfolio spanning various legal and social endeavors. Serving as an empanelled Mediator at the Calcutta High Court and Notary of the Government of India, she’s a prominent figure in legal circles. Additionally, she’s an active member of esteemed organizations like the Bar Association at the Supreme Court and Rotary Club of Calcutta. Notably, she’s the Treasurer of the Welfare Society for the Blind and a trustee for several charitable trusts. She is the Alok Foundation, dedicated to uplifting marginalized sections of society. She is also the external members of various ICC Committees. She is also the member of Bharat Chamber of Commerce, FICCI and FLO. And received various national and international accolades including Women Face of the Year 2024, Women Change Maker 2024, Outstanding Social Activist, IIWA Award 2024, Honorary Doctorate in Social Service, Inspirational Lawyer, Super wonder Woman, Dasabhuja Samman, Amar o Durga, Bijoyini ratno etc.She is also an author, singer, motivational speaker.

Dr. Ashwath Kumar – Dr. Ashwath, once an ordinary gym guy, has evolved into a plant-powered champion, transforming lives naturally. As an international athlete and yoga expert, he advocates for a plant-based lifestyle, shattering stereotypes about bodybuilders. His fusion of strength and mindfulness, blending various yoga practices, inspires holistic wellness seekers. With accolades like the Mr. Galaxy silver medals and national-level awards, he stands tall as India’s First vegan Body builder to win two silvers on an International stage, breaking barriers and proving the power of compassion-driven fitness. His mission extends beyond personal achievements; he empowers others to combat lifestyle diseases through nature-based approaches, offering vitality and hope. Join his transformative journey on Instagram, rewriting the rules of health and wellness together. Jai Hind!

Dr. Vinay M – Dr. Vinay M, PhD, completed his doctoral studies in Computer Science at JJT University Rajasthan in 2019 and holds an MCA from Indira Gandhi National Open University. Presently serving as an Associate Professor at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) in Bengaluru, Yeshwanthpur Campus, he is the Programme Coordinator for the Department of Computer Science and administration of the university’s Learning Management System (LMS). With an extensive tenure of 19 years, he concurrently serves as the Coordinator of the Office of Online Training and Examination. Recognized as a Google Certified Trainer and Microsoft Faculty Fellow, Vinay’s research pursuits span across diverse areas, including ICT, Gamification, and AI. His scholarly contributions are reflected through numerous publications, patents, and accolades, establishing him as a notable figure within both academic and technological spheres and demonstrating his substantial impact in these fields.

Ar. Sanjana Shrihari – Ar. Sanjana Shrihari, Principal Architect, boasts a prestigious accolade from the Indian Icon Awards for her outstanding contemporary and residential architecture design in Mysore and Top 25 Promising & Innovative Architect & Designer of the year 2024. With a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Mysore School of Architecture and seven years of experience, she’s led innovative projects across diverse sectors. From independent houses to commercial ventures like cafes, hotels, resorts and hospital her portfolio showcases a blend of functionality and visual appeal. Proficient in industry-standard software, she excels in crafting sustainable, practical designs. Adept at problem-solving and project management, she seeks collaborative opportunities to further hone her skills and contribute to compelling architectural endeavors.

Mr. Santhosh Kumar Madhavan – Mr. Santhosh Kumar Madhavan, the Managing Director of RAWS-N-GREENS HEALTHCARE PVT LTD, is a stalwart in promoting organic wellness solutions. With MBA, he spearheads the production of organic soaps, cosmetics, and healthcare products. Over two decades, he has empowered womens through entrepreneurship and hygiene awareness programs. Recognized with prestigious awards like the “Prime Indian Icon,” his brand “Aushadi” has garnered acclaim for its innovative organic products. Through RAWS-N-GREENS, he continues to champion holistic well-being, leaving an enduring mark on the health and wellness industry with his visionary leadership and commitment to organic living.

Dr. ( Smt. ) Eshwari PrabhakarDr. (Smt.) Eshwari Prabhakar, Principal of Visakha Valley School, Visakhapatnam, boasts a 31-year career marked by dedication and visionary leadership. Holding a Ph.D., M.Sc., M.Ed., and training from IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard University, she’s a stalwart in education. Under her guidance, the school thrives with a holistic approach, garnering praise for academic excellence and values-based education. As a CBSE resource person, she contributes nationally, advocating life skills and ethical education. Honored with prestigious awards like the Best Educationist Award and Mahatma Gandhi Samman, her impact resonates locally and globally. Her mantra, “Where there is a need, there she is,” epitomizes her unwavering commitment to nurturing excellence in education.

Kiteskraft Productions LLP stands as a beacon of recognition, honouring individuals who have significantly shaped the landscape of education and business sectors through their dedication, innovation, and commitment to outcome-based learning. Established in March 2019, Kiteskraft Productions LLP has rapidly gained prominence as a leading organizer of National and International Conferences and Award ceremonies across various sectors, including Healthcare, NGOs, Manufacturing, Business, Entertainment, and Education.


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