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Chellaram Diabetes Institute Held 8th International Diabetes Summit- 2024

Pune: Collaboration and shared knowledge is required to make progress in the fight against diabetes, opined various experts at the 8th International Diabetes Summit 2024 organised by Chellaram Diabetes Institute in Pune. Prof Sunil Bhagwat (Director IISER, Pune) and Dr Narendra Kotwal (Commandant AFMC, Pune) graced the inaugural function as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively. Dr Gururaj Mutalik (Professor Emeritus, B. J. Medical College & Sassoon Hospital, Pune) was conferred the lifetime achievement award. Mr Lal L. Chellaram, the Patron of the 8th International Diabetes Summit 2024, Dr Unnikrishnan AG, C.E.O. Chellaram Diabetes Institute, Dr (Brig.) Anil P Pandit, C.M.D. Chellaram Diabetes Institute, Mr.Prakash Bhoopatkar , Vice Chairman Chellaram Group, Mrs.Shobhana Chellaram and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

The three day summit covered talks on managing diabetes complications, cost-effective diabetes care, new advances and role of technology in diabetes management. The focus this year was on obesity which is one of the important risk factors of diabetes.

Dr Narendra Kotwal Commandant AFMC, Pune said that the increasing number of diabetics presents a significant challenge for our health care system, but also an opportunity for innovations and collaboration. Diabetes is not just a medical condition, it is a formidable challenge that impacts individuals, Families and communities. Its prevalence is rising at an alarming rate and it is in fact that we come together to address this global health crisis.

Prof Sunil Bhagwat Director IISER, Pune said that there are so many parameters that contribute to the conditions like that of diabetes. Each person’s condition may not be answerable with the same medication which means detailed study of individuals and parameters is required. So data science, machine learning, artificial neural networks and similar tools are bound to be very helpful and it is here that an institution like IISER where biologists working hand in hand with data scientists and chemists will be able to help the society at large .

Dr Gururaj Mutalik Professor Emeritus, B. J. Medical College & Sassoon Hospital, Pune said that despite many breakthrough discoveries there is no respite for diabetes, Diabetes is not only a disease of sugar and metabolism alone but much deeper than that. It affects the entire genome and the system is broken. Referring to the emerging science of genomic and epigenomic studies, he said it has thrown light on why it is so difficult to conquer diabetes. And now there is hope as scientists at the laboratory level are speaking of non- coding RNAs and epigenetic mechanisms. Medical genetics has taken wings. In the last 15 years 20 Nobel prizes have gone to this subject for genomic and epigenomic advances whether it is diabetes, cancer, chronic diseases, heart diseases and thrombosis. When we grow old chromosomes break down (chromosomal aberration) and immune systems break down and metabolic systems one by one begin to go astray. For example, in diabetes, not only carbohydrate metabolism, but fat metabolism and protein metabolism is deeply disturbed. We need mighty resources to fight diabetes. There is a need for collaboration between organisations and different centres which can bring private resources to fight diabetes. We need a world class laboratory in India in the area of determination of non- coding RNAs which is going to provide a breakthrough, such laboratories are currently only in western countries.

Dr Unnikrishnan AG, C.E.O. Chellaram Diabetes Institute said that Chellaram Diabetes Institute is one of the pillars of Chellaram Foundation whose work extends well beyond medicine to other areas of health and wellness. The conference is a platform for looking at science in a new way and going back and treating patients better.

Mr Lal L. Chellaram, the Patron of the 8th International Diabetes Summit 2024 gave a brief about the history of Chellaram Diabetes Institute and it’s achievements . He said that the Institute was started with an aim to make serious impact through patient care, education and research. Chellaram Diabetes Institute is an institution which aims to improve overall wellbeing and vitality of people with diabetes and related disorders.

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