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Sughand Films and Kenilworth Films LLP launch the trailer of “Ek Kori Prem Katha” on 21st March 2024

Mumbai : The trailer of “Ek Kori Prem Katha” was launched on Social Media. Sughand Films and Kenilworth Films LLP….This being the most awaited film of the year will attract the eyeballs of one and all individual for its most relevant subject that delves into the heart of a societal struggle, tackling the deeply ingrained practice of Kori, a ceremonial ritual that subjects women to a test of their purity discusses the virginity of a woman.


– “Ek Kori Prem Katha “ The trailer offers a glimpse into the film’s compelling narrative, hinting at the emotional depth and societal relevance that audiences can expect. The film is set to release on April 5th, 2024.


Trailer Link:

Ek Kori Prem Katha – Official Trailer | Khanak Budhiraja, Akshay Oberoi, Raj Babbar, Poonam Dhillon




Sughand Films and Kenilworth Films LLP dropped the trailer of “Ek Kori Prem Katha” The extremely promising trailer showcasing a powerful narrative about certain societal rituals with innumerable twists and turns, featuring: Akshay Oberoi, Khanak Budhiraja, Raj Babbar, and Poonam Dhillon among others will leave you clinging to the edge of your seat.


The -2minute 18 seconds Trailer ignites loads of thrilling and challenging moments especially with Khanak Budhiraja’s challenging bike ride and gearing up on the driver’s seat of a bus seems to be more than enough to keep one pondering the strengths of a woman. The opening scene depicts the male lead Akshay Oberoi dancing to the marriage band with full on excitement. His height of patience to complete the marriage rituals seems to cease. But Khanak Budhiraja, the female lead, convinces him saying, ”Puri raat apni hai.”


The trailer gives a hint into the world of – Khanak Budhiraja, “it delves into the heart of a societal struggle, tackling the deeply ingrained practice of Kori, a ceremonial ritual that subjects women to a test of their purity. At its core, the film follows the journey of Sabhyata, a young woman who dares to defy convention by falling in love with the son of the village Pradhan.


The film promises to discuss societal norms and traditions followed by the people for many generations/ years. The interactions in the trailer between the husband, wife, father- in -law and mother- in-law will not only excite the viewers to know the final outcome of the Kori rituals. It also depicts if male chauvinism needs to be prevalent or needs to be changed in the modern era where every woman is allowed to put forth her opinion and follow it as well.


The million dollar question is? Will the intriguing storyline change the societal norms/rituals that the older generations have been following or will the new generation (daughter in-law) agree to change her views finally?


Well known actor Poonam Dhillon who plays the pivotal role of Mother-in- law expressed her views here stating, “It’s a meaningful and a moving story and very emotional. Also a very relevant subject in today’s times which needs to be discussed. It is a relevant topic. We need not consider whether it’s a male or female subject -that’s not important. A good subject, which has a story behind it or something to tell needs to be told.”


Sughand Films and Kenil-Worth Films LLP “Ek Kori Prem Katha” a highly anticipated film has just dropped the trailer picture toh abhi baaki hai. “Ek Kori Prem Katha” co-written & Directed Chinmay P Purohit, Writer – Saba Mumtaz, DOP – Pratap Rout, Editor – Aseem Sinha, is set to hit theatres nationwide on April 5th, 2024. This poignant narrative promises to captivate audiences with its courageous stance against the archaic tradition of testing women’s virginity.


Wait and watch would be the mantra until, “Ek Kori Prem Katha” releases in theatres on April 5, 2024.

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