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Rejected was Samuel Eto’o’s resignation as president of the Cameroon Football Federation

<p>On Monday, Samuel Eto’o submitted his resignation as president of the Cameroon Football Federation; however, the executive body of the organization rejected it.</p>
<p>Eto’o, who set a record four times as the African Player of the Year, has been plagued by accusations of unethical behavior, match-fixing, and corruption.</p>
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<p>The federation announced that its executive committee convened on Monday in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, to assess the performance of the national team in the Africa Cup of Nations. Eto’o made a resignation offer and invited the other members “to do likewise in good faith” at the beginning of the meeting.</p>
<p>The federation said in a statement that Eto’o took over as president on December 11, 2021, that “at the end of discussions and subsequent deliberations, the members of the executive committee decided to maintain their current mandates and thus unanimously rejected the president’s resignation thereby renewing their confidence in him to continue with the same spirit of reconstruction and development of Cameroon football at all levels as envisaged in his plan adopted by the elective general assembly.”</p>
<p>No further judgments or conclusions were mentioned by the federation in the statement. After a dismal Africa Cup campaign, Rigobert Song, the coach of Cameroon, faced uncertainty about his future.</p>
<p>The five-time champion Cameroon needed to win its last group match to guarantee its spot in the next round. However, Cameroon scored late in the game to secure its spot, and Nigeria eliminated it after a dismal round of 16 showing.</p>
<p>In the last year, Eto’o has been plagued by accusations of corruption. He was there when the squad celebrated their thrilling victory against the Gambia in their penultimate group match.</p>
<p>The Athletic, a sports website, said last week that it had obtained audio recordings, emails, letters, and WhatsApp communications purportedly supporting a broad variety of allegations, such as “match-fixing, abuse of power, physical threats, inciting violence and spreading false information in Cameroon.”</p>
<p>It said that the Confederation of African Football is conducting an investigation into the matter and that a dossier has been sent to FIFA’s ethics committee.</p>
<p>According to CAF, Eto’o was already the subject of an investigation after “serious” claims made against him by “several Cameroonian football stakeholders.” The former player for Barcelona and Inter Milan was, according to the statement, “presumed to be innocent until an appropriate judicial body concludes otherwise.”</p>
<p>Concerns over Eto’o’s position as an ambassador for a sports betting firm were voiced in Cameroon. The agreement may have violated the organization’s standards, and at least one club filed a complaint about it with the Cameroonian federation.</p>
<p>There have been several issues with Cameroonian soccer in the past. The national league had been tarnished by government meddling, accusations of corruption, and betrayed pledges by soccer executives prior to Eto’o’s election as president.</p>
<p>Between 1998 and 2014, Eto’o represented Cameroon in four World Cups.</p>

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