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What to Eat and Avoid on Buddha Jayanti in 2023 for Buddha Purnima

Vesak, commonly referred to as Buddha Purnima, is a notable festival held to commemorate the birth of Lord Buddha. The event will be commemorated on May 5 this year. Buddha Purnima, which occurs on the Purnima of the Vaishakh month, happens on the Hindu calendar at the same time as the first lunar eclipse of the year.

The Buddha Purnima festival is celebrated with food, as is the case with many religious holidays. It is thought that what we eat may affect both our bodily and spiritual health. It is advised to choose a sattvic meal throughout the day to preserve the sacredness of the event and to foster spiritual growth and development. Let's examine the foods to consume and stay away from on Buddha Purnima.

What to Eat during Buddha Purnima in 2023? Fruits and nuts
Fruits and nuts provide the body energy and nourishment since they are high in vitamins and minerals.
vegan or vegetarian food
Vegetables are beneficial for digestion and general health since they are high in fiber and antioxidants.

milk-based confections
delicacies that are regarded as pure and light include sattvic delicacies like kheer and payasam, which are prepared with milk, rice, and jaggery.
lentils with rice
These are common foods all over the world, and they are frequently used in Buddha Purnima dishes.

What to Avoid During Buddha Purnima in 2023: Meat and Seafood
Since Buddha Purnima is a day dedicated to nonviolence and compassion, it is best to abstain from eating any kind of meat or seafood on that day.

greasy and spicy meals
Spicy and greasy meals should be avoided since they are difficult to digest and may upset the body's natural balance.
tobacco and alcohol
In order to maintain purity and spirituality on Buddha Purnima, it is important to abstain from alcohol and cigarette use.
Garlic with onions
It is advisable to avoid eating items that are rajasic on this day, like as onions and garlic.

packaged and processed foods
It is advised to stay away from processed and packaged meals since they include artificial flavors and preservatives, neither of which are seen to be light and nutritious.

Finally, Buddha Purnima is a moment to ponder the Buddha's teachings and put compassion, mindfulness, and generosity into practice. By making informed decisions about what to consume and avoid, one may preserve the sacredness of the moment and foster spiritual development.

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