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What You Do in Bed Is Not Your Identity, According to Kangana Ranaut On Gender Neutrality

Kangana Ranaut expressed her opinions on gender neutrality on social media, saying that it is wrong to judge people based on their gender and sexual orientation. She has also come out against those who “flaunt it everywhere” and make their gender their identity. Her comments come as the Supreme Court considers arguments over requests for legal recognition of same-sex unions.

“Whether you are a man, woman, or anything other, please remember that your gender is of no concern to anybody except you. Actors and directors are what we refer to them as in the modern world; we don't even use the terms “actresses” or “female directors.” Your identity is not what you do in bed; it is what you do in the world. Regardless of your sexual tastes, they must only stay in your bed. Don't use them as your badge of identification or as awards that you wear everywhere.

Most crucial, avoid chasing someone with a knife to slit their throats because they disagree with your gender. I'll say it again: Don't let your gender define who you are. I am a woman from a rural location, therefore I had to carve out a place for myself in the industry of actors, filmmakers, producers, and writers.

“Never ever view people through the lens of gender or any other physical attributes,” she said. You are aware of what transpired for those who believed Kangana was only a lady. They were in for a major shock since I'm not—I never see or view anybody else or myself that way. I am always surrounded by individual energies, not men, women, homo, hetero, or physically powerful or weak individuals; no!!!!!! If I had been so harsh with myself and everyone around me, I never would have advanced this far. You won't go very far if you have such a limited vision and image of the world, so stop wasting time on the appearance of others around you. others who don't criticise others won't judge themselves either. Therefore, let go of gender and all other limiting perceptions. Rise and shine as who you are, because according to Dharma, you are God Absolute Divine and exist beyond of the physical realm. Best wishes.

When discussing gender with youngsters, she noted, one should explain to them that “the physical world exists in many layers.”

Kangana's most recent film was Dhaakad, and her next film, Emergency, will star her as former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Tejas, Chandramukhi 2, and a few more projects are also in the works for her.

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