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At a gathering, AR Rahman instructs his wife Saira Banu to "Speak In Tamil, Not Hindi," and the video becomes viral

A recent event was attended by music legend AR Rahman and his wife, Saira Banu. On social media, a video of a music composer requesting that his wife talk only in Tamil instead of Hindi has gone viral.

In the video, AR Rahman and his wife Saira Banu can be seen performing together on stage in an old film that has emerged online.AR Rahman remarked, “I don't like to watch my interviews again,” when speaking in Tamil. She continues playing and watching again and over because she like my voice. The presenter sought Saira Banu's opinion on this. AR Rahman interrupted her before she could continue, “Don't talk in Hindi, speak in Tamil.” Saira Banu's nervousness is audible as she adds, “Oh my god.” The video also includes a close-up photo of Sai Pallavi from the occasion.

A number of social media users responded to the video in the comments area. These individuals don't want Hindi, but English would suffice, commented one user. We speak Marathi, thus yes, we are also Marathi. However, we were taught the national language—Hindi—first. You will get income from the whole nation… However, Hindi won't be treated with as much respect in English… Even when the English are gone, they still own slavery.

“I don't have a problem with Tamil. It's as dear to my heart as all other Indian languages. But why not Hindi? Why any foreign language?” read another reply. Do we still live in the age of the community?

She didn't speak Hindi or Tamil, which I believe is the finest thing she could have done there. Instead, she spoke English, which is a language shared by both North and South Indians.Sai Pallavi, as always, looked gorgeous. read a different video remark.

The next movie starring Mani Ratnam and featuring music by AR Rahman is Ponniyin Selvan: 2. On April 28, 2023, the movie will have a global theatrical release.

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